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Top Rated Masonry Contractor Cape Coral, Fl

 Accent Masonry LLC has been providing masonry installation and removal services to cape coral and surrounding areas since 2004. The owner Gordon Forsyth is a 35+ yr veteran of the  masonry trade. Working with his sons they have successfully completed many projects on a timely basis. Services they provide include Glass Block installation, Brickwork, Thin Brick Installation, Stonework and stack stone installations. With reasonable pricing and a high commitment to quality work you are sure to be pleased with them. There most notable project available for public viewing would have to be Zoomers Amusement Park stone columns. Contact Accent Masonry  7 days a week at or by phone (239)-464-0009. 

Bonita springs masonry
bonita prings masonry

Stone Veneer Masonry

 Today there is no better way to dress up the look of your home than by adding a stone veneer. Paint and stucco is outdating fast but luckily we can install right over the existing with little prep work. Sometimes the stucco bands need to be removed or a area needs to be built out. These are no problem for Accent Masonry. 

bonita stone grill.jpg

Let Accent Masonry change the look of your home today!

stack stone veneer wall

Brick Masonry

 We love to lay brick too! Brick walls make for another great option when adding to your homes appearance. They provide an elegant formal look and can be layed in a variety of patterns. There is also a wide selection a colors and finishes available.

bonita springs brick masonr

 Bring the beauty of genuine brick work to the interior of your home! Thin Brick makes an excellent selection to improve any wall, backsplash or even ceilings. The thickness of the cut brick faces range from 5/8" to 3/4". Thin Brick can be installed in various patterns and are great replacements for vinyl or tile.

interior thin brick wall


Glass Block's are a very cool part of the masonry business. They allow mason's to create eye catching windows and see-through walls . With durability and noise reducing properties, Glass block's provide home and business owners a great option for window security and sound prevention.



 If you live by a roadway and are constantly bombarded by the sound from traffic a glass block window can help. Many times we have clients tell us they are amazed by how much less sound penetrates the window once the glass block is installed. Glass block are designed with an air space in between the two faces of glass which act as a noise buffer. 



 If your looking to beef up your homes security glass block windows are an option. Smashing a glass block window will take no less than a half hour to accomplish not to mention the massive glass shards that are left behind. It's an ideal deterrent for thieves.


With the avaibility of hurricane proof glass block and a wide selection of designs, glass block windows and walls are sure to add value to your home or business. 



Glass Block can crack and may need replacement. It is possible to remove and replace a mudded glass block with care and precision. We gladly offer the service. 



Clean Glass block with a glass cleaner. If the Glass Block is in a wet outdoor enviroment it may develop mildew in the grout joints and will need pressure washing. To prevent its return brush a sealer onto the grout joints.

Glass Block Installation

glass block instllation
glass block bath
glass block window

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