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Home Improvement with Stone Masonry

Easily adding curb appeal to the front of your home with its beauty, natural stone veneers provide home owners a great option for upscaling the look of there home. Natural stone is weather resistant and enviromental friendly. Since it's produced by the Earth there are alot of options with selecting a stone product. The material and installation pricing does vary depending on what type of stone is being used. There are stone panels where the stone have been cut and glued together into a panel providing faster installation than single piece stone veneers. However these panel stones still call for grinding to achieve a professional look. Flagstone veneers are a great choice for Homeowners who like the puzzling look. Each piece will have its own unique characteristics without being an outlier.

Our vision at Accent Masonry LLC is to provide Homeowners of Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and other surrounding areas the best stone, brick and glass block installation services. We are family owned and operated out of Fort Myers, Florida. Gordon Forsyth is the owner of Accent Masonry LLC and has over 35 years of experience in the field. Specializing in custom stone, brick, and glass block projects in Southwest Florida.

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