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Interior Brickwork

Interior eye catching brick wall designs define one of the most spectacular and awsome latest trends in modern kitchens. Interior brick wall designs bring elegant and very innovated architectural features to modern kitchens adding a warm feel and a welcoming look to the busiest home interiors.

In today's ever growing world of masonry thin brick veneers have led the way for installing brick indoors. The technique is not new but has grown immensely in popularity from the interest of modern day home designers.

Brick kitchens create an inviting atmosphere in any home with there bold rustic appearance. Today we are seeing the restaurant industry focus more and more on interior designs that incorporate brickwork. The reason is simple, brickwork just does so much for a wall. The 3 key features the brickwall has working in it's favor are: Protection, Beauty, Sustainabilty.

Here's a photo of 3 Peppers Burrito Co. We laid a robinson thin brick on the interior walls and counters.

Right upon entering the establishment you are met with brickwork.

The brick color and texture flow with the wood top tables all together they bring life into the dining area.

We have done jobs for many clients looking to create exquiste brick facades appreaciating the value of the home. Transformations can be quite dramatic. With extensive interest in the work Accent Masonry LLC provides today's construction market the highest quality brickwork.

Our Top Featured Brick Barreled Ceilings with Hand Made brick, Naples Florida.

Over 1000 square feet of brick herringbone barreled ceiling. What a spectacular effect it had on the room.

Brick groin ceiling in the Wine Cellar, perfect place for brick.

Old photogragh of Thin Brick Backsplash with arch.

The radial arch is a shape that naturally pleases the eye. In nature we see the arch formed by the rainbow, one of nature's most fascinating and glorious treasures. Are minds are prone to associate an arch with natural beauty. I really enjoy the look of brick arches and see them as a nice accenting piece.

Wood floors and brick walls go well together.

Proudly serving the Fort Myers and Naples Florida area since 2004. We are a licensed and insured Specialty Masonry Contracting Company.

To contact us at Accent Masonry LLC click here.

To view More Photos of Our BrIck Work click here.

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