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Brief Guide on Glass Block


Glass Block's are a very cool part of the masonry business. They allow mason's to create eye catching windows and see-through walls . With durability and noise reducing properties, Glass block's provide home and business owners a great option for window security and sound prevention.


If you live by a roadway and are constantly bombarded by the sound from traffic a glass block window can help. Many times we have clients tell us they are amazed by how much less sound penetrates the window once the glass block is installed. Glass block are designed with an air space in between the two faces of glass which act as a noise buffer.


If your looking to beef up your homes security glass block windows are an option. Smashing a glass block window will take no less than a half hour to accomplish not to mention the massive glass shards that are left behind. It's an ideal deterrent for thieves.


You can read on the web that installing glass block is easy and that you should do it yourself. However being a son of a mason and having laid glass block myself i know that a quality glass block job is far from easy. Getting precise even joints takes time and careful movements only through experience can one achieve quality. We have had to tear down other's glass block work that was cracking and failing, only to find out that no wire was used and improper mortar as well. It does anger me some when i see unproffesional work being done.


With the avaibility of hurricane proof glass block and a wide selection of designs, glass block windows and walls are sure to add value to your home or business.


Glass Block can crack and may need replacement. It is possible to remove and replace a mudded glass block with care and precision. We gladly offer the service.


Clean Glass block with a glass cleaner. If the Glass Block is in a wet outdoor enviroment it may develop mildew in the grout joints and will need pressure washing. To prevent its return brush a sealer onto the grout joints.

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