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Ledge stone Community Sign, Bonita Springs, Florida

Bonita Springs Florida is a beautiful place and properly named. Its hard to believe that not long ago it was a shack town by a river with the land being known as surveyor creek. In 1912 it was bought by a Tennessean named Ragsdale who thought it would be best for selling purposes to rename the land Bonita Springs inspired by stories of Indians using the creek for healing powers. He and a associate design and developed a small town situated along the coast. By the 1920's Barron Collier's southern railroad had been lengthen to reach boniata springs bringing with it a population boom that saw the growth of new business. The Everglades Wonder Garden's was opened by founders and proprietors Lester and Bill Piper. They attracted national attention with there shows featuring panthers, bears, alligators and other animals all native to florida. There business helped to put boniata springs on the map ( History of Bonita).

Once Us-41 and Interstate 75 were connected to the city, it's population and growth boomed and continues to expand today. Recent surveys by the United States Census Bureau show the number of people living in Bonita Springs growing from 33,000 in 2000 to 48,000 in 2015 (bonita springs population). Known for having a splendid and secluded beach scene the area is seen by many as a retirement haven.

Bonita Springs has much to offer from kayaking and fishing, to golfing and tennis. It's also home to the Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park located in the Barefoot Beach Community. For adventure seekers who want to get outdoors and see beautiful Florida coastline this park is for you. With its 342 acres of undeveloped land full of numerous plant and animal species it's bound to be an adventure.

On your way into the park you'll cruise your way through the barefoot beach community and on your left-hand side you should see our stone sign as you pass by a private community entrance.

The sign has been wrapped in Virginia Ledgestone which is a dense gold and silver stack stone. The residents all agreed that the current sign could use an updating and were happy to see when our crew begin work. Finshing the project on time ment alot to our clients and us. Seeing the many pleased faces made us at Accent Masonry feel great.

Each Piece hand laid

Stone is wet in this photo.

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