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Brick Masonry

Bricks have long been an excellent means of construction for accenting walls and units. During and before the mid 1900's the majority of brickwork in the United States was remarkably clean and accurate. Architects running the jobs were well schooled men with knowledge and understanding of the trade.Each day they were to inspect the mason's work for accuracy and tidiness. Today beautiful brickwork is performed by individual masons passionate and artistic with their work. The range in selection of brick has grown and provides builders and homeowners and excellent option for adding beauty to the exterior and interior of homes and commercial buildings.

Benefits from adding bricks to interior or exterior walls is great. Nothing has more rustic beauty than brick and with all the different bonding styles the available options are endless.Traditional brickwork provides excellent waterproofing to exterior walls and brick veneer can be sealed to block water. Brick can be pressured washed clean and never requires repainting.

Herringbone is a common brick bond typically used to emphasize character areas of a brick wall. We also enjoy herringbone pattern when laying fire brick as pictured below.

Also a good thing to keep in mind when your planning to build a brick wall is how will the grout joints be finished. There are several tools mason's use to finish the joint's of freshly layed brick each unique in style. A common flush joint is where the mason has cut and smoothed the mortar flush to the edge of brick in turn giving the wall a flat look. Personally i like to see each individual brick standing out which is why we use a barreled jointer to finish joints. Another striking tool is the grapevine jointer a style more commonly used in the 40's. This tool is design to flatten the joint along with leaving a thin imprinted line centered in the joints that resembles a vine.

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